sup! i'm elisa but ppl tend to call me eli ! 15yo and entp from vzla she/her

plus lovely gemini. ysblf lover hehe. anxious cutie
code credits to: @cherrrybullet on whi!
sometimes i'm afraid to interact with people so forgive me if i don't answer messages !? i love helping ppl with editing stuff so don't think twice to dm if u want me to help u with something.. :3

my rules!
01. dfi criteria. if u hate cats. xenophobic.
02. racist or problematic.
03. u're -13yo. MEN (just kidding). nsfw or gore, bts anti

twtig stan accmain igplaylist! pin

love list
luv listening to bts, twice, txt, aespa, itzy, stayc. (i'm not part of any fandom anymore hehe they're cringey) but i still support bts with streaming stuff

others the neighbourhood, subjan stevens, billie marten, maye and others ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎